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Charter History

Beaumont Alumnae Chapter was chartered on May 16, 1942 as Beta Nu Sigma by 21 endearing young women. 

Since 1942, the members and officers of Beaumont Alumnae Chapter have demonstrated a relentless commitment to make a positive impact on the lives of men, women and children through various community service pursuits.

The Charter Members were Daisy A. Adams, Annetta Baugh, Emma Mae Baugh, Anne Laurie Rix, Ida B Conner, Elois Davis, Lady Mae Davis, Bessie Farris, Dorothy Ingram, Annie Jackson, Dorothy Jackson, Mary Lee Jackson, Mayme Jackson, Eulalia Pernetter, Zerline Prater, Marguerite Willard Prioleau, Jo Bell Ross, Loraine Sprott, Maude Wallace, Mildred Sprott White, and Vietta Willard.


The chapter name was changed to Beaumont Alumnae in 1958. 


For more information about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., visit our national website and visit our regional website. 

Annetta Baugh

Charter Member frame (4).png

Emma M. Baugh


Dorothy Ingram

Eulalia Pernetter

Zerline Prater_edited.jpg

Zerline Prater

Anne Laurie Rix

Loraine Sprott

Mildred Sprott White

Marguerite Willard Prioleau

Vietta Willard

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